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Hello, I am Melissa and I look forward to working along side you as you build a flourishing family. I grew up the oldest of four children. I am married to my husband of over twenty years and we have two sons. Our youngest son has an ADHD diagnosis accompanied with auditory and visual processing challenges.  I am passionate about helping people and encouraging others to rise above their struggles. I am keen to help coach parents by taking a holistic approach to the many facets that influence family life and child-raising, especially families with children who live with ADHD.  I am also eager to help coach young adults as they strive to transition from depending on their parents to living on their own.  With my diverse background in special education, mentoring youth and facilitating teen discussion groups, nursing, childcare, the financial sector, manufacturing, culinary, and the domestic arts, I am able to bring a well-rounded approach to coaching as you set and achieve short and long term goals.


After I graduated high school, I began to pursue a degree in nursing as I spent three years working at a hospital as a nursing aide, I transferred colleges and changed my major from Nursing to a holistic health degree. I have a bachelors degree in complementary and alternative health from Ashford University in Iowa.  This degree is the foundation of my holistic approach to life coaching. I also completed an accredited professional life coach certification course through Transformational Services.

Holistic approach? Factors to consider

Cultural ~ Emotional ~ Environmental ~ Familial ~ Financial ~ Mental ~ Nutritional ~ Physical ~ Social ~ Spiritual ~ Relational

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